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(1.00)Joh 8:36

So if the son sets you free, you will be really free.

(0.89)Job 19:5

If indeed you would exalt yourselves above me and plead my disgrace against me,

(0.77)2Co 11:1

I wish that you would be patient with me in a little foolishness, but indeed you are being patient with me!

(0.76)Heb 12:29

For our God is indeed a devouring fire.

(0.76)Mat 13:14

And concerning them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled that says: ‘You will listen carefully yet will never understand, you will look closely yet will never comprehend.

(0.76)Joh 6:55

For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink.

(0.76)2Co 5:3

if indeed, after we have put on our heavenly house, we will not be found naked.

(0.71)1Th 2:20

For you are our glory and joy!

(0.71)1Th 4:10

And indeed you are practicing it toward all the brothers and sisters in all of Macedonia. But we urge you, brothers and sisters, to do so more and more,

(0.70)Deu 2:15

Indeed, it was the very hand of the Lord that eliminated them from within the camp until they were all gone.

(0.70)Jdg 5:29

The wisest of her ladies answer; indeed she even thinks to herself,

(0.70)2Co 3:10

For indeed, what had been glorious now has no glory because of the tremendously greater glory of what replaced it.

(0.67)Num 21:2

So Israel made a vow to the Lord and said, “If you will indeed deliver this people into our hand, then we will utterly destroy their cities.”

(0.66)Gen 37:8

Then his brothers asked him, “Do you really think you will rule over us or have dominion over us?” They hated him even more because of his dream and because of what he said.

(0.65)1Sa 26:4

David sent scouts and verified that Saul had indeed arrived.

(0.65)1Pe 2:3

if you have experienced the Lord’s kindness.

(0.63)Gen 43:20

They said, “My lord, we did indeed come down the first time to buy food.

(0.63)Deu 9:13

Moreover, he said to me, “I have taken note of these people; they are a stubborn lot!

(0.63)Mat 17:11

He answered, “Elijah does indeed come first and will restore all things.

(0.63)Luk 13:30

But indeed, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last.”