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Revelation 5:1-3

The Opening of the Scroll

5:1 Then 1  I saw in the right hand of the one who was seated on the throne a scroll written on the front and back 2  and sealed with seven seals. 3  5:2 And I saw a powerful angel proclaiming in a loud voice: “Who is worthy to open the scroll and to break its seals?” 5:3 But 4  no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or look into it.

1 tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “then” to indicate the implied sequence within the narrative.

2 tn Grk “written on the inside and the outside” (an idiom for having writing on both sides).

3 tn L&N 6.55 states, “From the immediate context of Re 5:1 it is not possible to determine whether the scroll in question had seven seals on the outside or whether the scroll was sealed at seven different points. However, since according to chapter six of Revelation the seals were broken one after another, it would appear as though the scroll had been sealed at seven different places as it had been rolled up.”

4 tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “but” to indicate the contrast present in this context.

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