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Psalms 89:13


89:13 Your arm is powerful,

your hand strong,

your right hand 1  victorious. 2 

Psalms 98:1

Psalm 98 3 

A psalm.

98:1 Sing to the Lord a new song, 4 

for he performs 5  amazing deeds!

His right hand and his mighty arm

accomplish deliverance. 6 

Psalms 77:15


77:15 You delivered 7  your people by your strength 8 

the children of Jacob and Joseph. (Selah)

1 sn The Lord’s arm, hand, and right hand all symbolize his activities, especially his exploits in war.

2 tn Heb “is lifted up.” The idiom “the right hand is lifted up” refers to victorious military deeds (see Pss 89:42; 118:16).

3 sn Psalm 98. The psalmist summons the whole earth to praise God because he reveals his justice and delivers Israel.

4 sn A new song is appropriate because the Lord is constantly intervening in the world as its just king. See Ps 96:1.

5 tn The perfect verbal forms in vv. 1-3 are understood here as describing characteristic divine activities. Another option is to translate them as present perfects, “has performed…has accomplished deliverance, etc.” referring to completed actions that have continuing results.

6 tn Heb “his right hand delivers for him and his holy arm.” The right hand and arm symbolize his power as a warrior-king (see Isa 52:10). His arm is “holy” in the sense that it is in a category of its own; God’s power is incomparable.

7 tn Or “redeemed.”

8 tn Heb “with [your] arm.”

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