Psalms 44:9-16

44:9 But you rejected and embarrassed us!

You did not go into battle with our armies.

44:10 You made us retreat from the enemy.

Those who hate us take whatever they want from us.

44:11 You handed us over like sheep to be eaten;

you scattered us among the nations.

44:12 You sold your people for a pittance;

you did not ask a high price for them.

44:13 You made us an object of disdain to our neighbors;

those who live on our borders taunt and insult us.

44:14 You made us an object of ridicule among the nations;

foreigners treat us with contempt.

44:15 All day long I feel humiliated

and am overwhelmed with shame,

44:16 before the vindictive enemy

who ridicules and insults me.