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Psalms 108:10-13


108:10 Who will lead me into the fortified city?

Who will bring me to Edom? 1 

108:11 Have you not rejected us, O God?

O God, you do not go into battle with our armies.

108:12 Give us help against the enemy,

for any help men might offer is futile. 2 

108:13 By God’s power we will conquer; 3 

he will trample down 4  our enemies.

1 sn The psalmist speaks again and acknowledges his need for help in battle. He hopes God will volunteer, based on the affirmation of sovereignty over Edom in v. 9, but he is also aware that God has seemingly rejected the nation of Israel (v. 11).

2 tn Heb “and futile [is] the deliverance of man.”

3 tn Heb “in God we will accomplish strength.” The statement refers here to military success (see Num 24:18; 1 Sam 14:48; Pss 60:12; 118:16-16).

4 sn On the expression trample down our enemies see Ps 44:5.

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