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Numbers 34:3-6

34:3 your southern border 1  will extend from the wilderness of Zin along the Edomite border, and your southern border will run eastward to the extremity of the Salt Sea, 34:4 and then the border will turn from the south to the Scorpion Ascent, 2  continue to Zin, and then its direction 3  will be from the south to Kadesh Barnea. Then it will go to Hazar Addar and pass over to Azmon. 34:5 There the border will turn from Azmon to the Brook of Egypt, and then its direction is to the sea. 4 

The Western Border of the Land

34:6 “‘And for a western border 5  you will have the Great Sea. 6  This will be your western border.

1 tn The expression refers to the corner or extremity of the Negev, the South.

2 tn Or “the Ascent of Scorpions” (עַקְרַבִּים [’aqrabbim] means “scorpions” in Hebrew).

3 tn Heb “its going forth,” or the way it runs.

4 sn That is, the Mediterranean.

5 tn The word for west is simply “sea,” because the sea is west of Israel.

6 sn That is, the Mediterranean Sea (also in the following verse).

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