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Matthew 3:3

3:3 For he is the one about whom Isaiah the prophet had spoken: 1 

The voice 2  of one shouting in the wilderness,

Prepare the way for the Lord, make 3  his paths straight.’” 4 

Matthew 4:14

4:14 so that what was spoken by Isaiah the prophet would be fulfilled: 5 

1 tn Grk “was spoken of by Isaiah the prophet, saying.” The participle λέγοντος (legonto") is redundant and has not been translated. The passive construction has also been rendered as active in the translation for the sake of English style.

2 tn Or “A voice.”

3 sn This call to “make paths straight” in this context is probably an allusion to preparation through repentance.

4 sn A quotation from Isa 40:3.

5 tn The redundant participle λέγοντος (legontos) has not been translated here.

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