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Matthew 2:7


2:7 Then Herod 1  privately summoned the wise men and determined from them when the star had appeared.

Matthew 2:16


2:16 When Herod 2  saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, he became enraged. He sent men 3  to kill all the children in Bethlehem 4  and throughout the surrounding region from the age of two and under, according to the time he had learned from the wise men.

1 sn See the note on King Herod in 2:1.

2 sn See the note on King Herod in 2:1. Note the fulfillment of the prophecy given by the angel in 2:13.

3 tn Or “soldiers.”

4 map For location see Map5 B1; Map7 E2; Map8 E2; Map10 B4.

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