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Leviticus 9:10

9:10 The fat and the kidneys and the protruding lobe of 1  the liver from the sin offering he offered up in smoke on the altar just as the Lord had commanded Moses,

Leviticus 9:19

9:19 As for the fat parts from the ox and from the ram 2  (the fatty tail, the fat covering the entrails, 3  the kidneys, and the protruding lobe of the liver),

1 tn Heb “from.”

2 tn Heb “And the fat from the ox and from the ram.”

3 tn The text here has only the participle “the cover” or “that which covers,” which is elliptical for “the fat which covers the entrails” (see Lev 3:3, 9, 14; 7:3).

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