Joshua 11:3

11:3 Canaanites came from the east and west; Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, and Jebusites from the hill country; and Hivites from below Hermon in the area of Mizpah.

Joshua 11:17

11:17 from Mount Halak on up to Seir, as far as Baal Gad in the Lebanon Valley below Mount Hermon. He captured all their kings and executed them.

Joshua 13:11

13:11 Their territory also included Gilead, Geshurite and Maacathite territory, all Mount Hermon, and all Bashan to Salecah –

Joshua 12:1

12:1 Now these are the kings of the land whom the Israelites defeated and drove from their land on the east side of the Jordan, from the Arnon Valley to Mount Hermon, including all the eastern Arabah:

tn The verb “came” is supplied in the translation (see v. 4).

tn Or “land.”

tn Heb “and struck them down and killed them.”

tn The words “their territory also included” are supplied in the translation for clarification.

tn Heb “and took possession of their land.”

tn Heb “beyond the Jordan, toward the rising of the sun.”