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Judges 17:5

17:5 Now this man Micah owned a shrine. 1  He made an ephod 2  and some personal idols and hired one of his sons to serve as a priest. 3 

Judges 18:14

18:14 The five men who had gone to spy out the land of Laish 4  said to their kinsmen, 5  “Do you realize that inside these houses are an ephod, some personal idols, a carved image, and a metal image? Decide now what you want to do.”

Judges 18:17

18:17 The five men who had gone to spy out the land broke in and stole 6  the carved image, the ephod, the personal idols, and the metal image, while the priest was standing at the entrance to the gate with the six hundred fully armed men. 7 

Judges 18:20

18:20 The priest was happy. He took the ephod, the personal idols, and the carved image and joined the group. 8 

1 tn Heb “house of God.”

2 sn Here an ephod probably refers to a priestly garment (cf. Exod 28:4-6).

3 tn Heb “and he filled the hand of one of his sons and he became his priest.”

4 tc Codex Alexandrinus (A) of the LXX lacks the phrase “of Laish.”

5 tn Heb “brothers.”

6 tn Heb “went up, went in there, took.”

7 tn Heb “six hundred men, equipped with the weapons of war.”

8 tn Heb “and went into the midst of the people.”

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