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Isaiah 41:21-22

The Lord Challenges the Pagan Gods

41:21 “Present your argument,” says the Lord.

“Produce your evidence,” 1  says Jacob’s king. 2 

41:22 “Let them produce evidence! Let them tell us what will happen!

Tell us about your earlier predictive oracles, 3 

so we may examine them 4  and see how they were fulfilled. 5 

Or decree for us some future events!

1 tn Heb “strong [words],” see HALOT 870 s.v. *עֲצֻמוֹת.

2 sn Apparently this challenge is addressed to the pagan idol gods, see vv. 23-24.

3 tn Heb “As for the former things, tell us what they are!”

4 tn Heb “so we might set [them to] our heart.”

5 tn Heb “and might know their outcome.”

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