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Isaiah 30:2-4


30:2 They travel down to Egypt

without seeking my will, 1 

seeking Pharaoh’s protection,

and looking for safety in Egypt’s protective shade. 2 

30:3 But Pharaoh’s protection will bring you nothing but shame,

and the safety of Egypt’s protective shade nothing but humiliation.

30:4 Though his 3  officials are in Zoan

and his messengers arrive at Hanes, 4 

1 tn Heb “those who go to descend to Egypt, but [of] my mouth they do not inquire.”

2 tn Heb “to seek protection in the protection of Pharaoh, and to seek refuge in the shade of Egypt.”

3 sn This probably refers to Judah’s officials and messengers.

4 sn Zoan was located in the Egyptian delta in the north; Hanes was located somewhere in southern region of lower Egypt, south of Memphis; the exact location is debated.

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