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Genesis 10:13-14


10:13 Mizraim 1  was the father of 2  the Ludites, 3  Anamites, 4  Lehabites, 5  Naphtuhites, 6  10:14 Pathrusites, 7  Casluhites 8  (from whom the Philistines came), 9  and Caphtorites. 10 

1 sn Mizraim is the Hebrew name for Egypt (cf. NRSV).

2 tn Heb “fathered.”

3 sn The Ludites were African tribes west of the Nile Delta.

4 sn The Anamites lived in North Africa, west of Egypt, near Cyrene.

5 sn The Lehabites are identified with the Libyans.

6 sn The Naphtuhites lived in Lower Egypt (the Nile Delta region).

7 sn The Pathrusites are known in Egyptian as P-to-reshi; they resided in Upper Egypt.

8 sn The Casluhites lived in Crete and eventually settled east of the Egyptian Delta, between Egypt and Canaan.

9 tn Several commentators prefer to reverse the order of the words to put this clause after the next word, since the Philistines came from Crete (where the Caphtorites lived). But the table may suggest migration rather than lineage, and the Philistines, like the Israelites, came through the Nile Delta region of Egypt. For further discussion of the origin and migration of the Philistines, see D. M. Howard, “Philistines,” Peoples of the Old Testament World, 232.

10 sn The Caphtorites resided in Crete, but in Egyptian literature Caphtor refers to “the region beyond” the Mediterranean.

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