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Ezra 6:9

6:9 Whatever is needed – whether oxen or rams or lambs or burnt offerings for the God of heaven or wheat or salt or wine or oil, as required by 1  the priests who are in Jerusalem – must be given to them daily without any neglect,

Ezra 7:22

7:22 up to 100 talents of silver, 100 cors of wheat, 100 baths of wine, 100 baths of olive oil, 2  and unlimited 3  salt.

1 tn Aram “according to the word of.”

2 tc The translation reads מְשַׁח בַּתִּין (mÿshakh battin) rather than מְשַׁח בַּתִּין (battin mÿshakh) of the MT.

3 tn Aram “he did not write.”

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