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Exodus 30:19

30:19 and Aaron and his sons must wash their hands and their feet from it. 1 

Exodus 30:21

30:21 they must wash 2  their hands and their feet so that they do not die. And this 3  will be a perpetual ordinance for them and for their descendants 4  throughout their generations.” 5 

1 tn That is, from water from it.

2 tn Heb “and [then] they will wash.”

3 tn The verb is “it will be.”

4 tn Heb “for his seed.”

5 tn Or “for generations to come”; it literally is “to their generations.”

sn The symbolic meaning of washing has been taught throughout the ages. This was a practical matter of cleaning hands and feet, but it was also symbolic of purification before Yahweh. It was an outward sign of inner spiritual cleansing, or forgiveness. Jesus washed the disciples feet (Jn 13) to show this same teaching; he asked the disciples if they knew what he had done (so it was more than washing feet). In this passage the theological points for the outline would be these: I. God provides the means of cleansing; II. Cleansing is a prerequisite for participating in the worship, and III. (Believers) priests must regularly appropriate God’s provision of cleansing.

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