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Acts 7:41-43

7:41 At 1  that time 2  they made an idol in the form of a calf, 3  brought 4  a sacrifice to the idol, and began rejoicing 5  in the works of their hands. 6  7:42 But God turned away from them and gave them over 7  to worship the host 8  of heaven, as it is written in the book of the prophets: ‘It was not to me that you offered slain animals and sacrifices 9  forty years in the wilderness, was it, 10  house of Israel? 7:43 But you took along the tabernacle 11  of Moloch 12  and the star of the 13  god Rephan, 14  the images you made to worship, but I will deport 15  you beyond Babylon.’ 16 

1 tn Grk “And.” Because of the difference between Greek style, which often begins sentences or clauses with “and,” and English style, which generally does not, καί (kai) has not been translated here.

2 tn Grk “In those days.”

3 tn Or “a bull calf” (see Exod 32:4-6). The term μοσχοποιέω (moscopoiew) occurs only in Christian writings according to BDAG 660 s.v.

4 tn Grk “and brought,” but καί (kai) has not been translated since English normally uses a coordinating conjunction only between the last two elements in a series of three or more.

5 tn The imperfect verb εὐφραίνοντο (eufrainonto) has been translated ingressively. See BDAG 414-15 s.v. εὐφραίνω 2.

6 tn Or “in what they had done.”

7 sn The expression and gave them over suggests similarities to the judgment on the nations described by Paul in Rom 1:18-32.

8 tn Or “stars.”

sn To worship the hosts of heaven. Their action violated Deut 4:19; 17:2-5. See Ps 106:36-43.

9 tn The two terms for sacrifices “semantically reinforce one another and are here combined essentially for emphasis” (L&N 53.20).

10 tn The Greek construction anticipates a negative reply which is indicated in the translation by the ‘tag’ question, “was it?”

11 tn Or “tent.”

sn A tabernacle was a tent used to house religious objects or a shrine (i.e., a portable sanctuary).

12 sn Moloch was a Canaanite deity who was believed to be the god of the sky and the sun.

13 tc ‡ Most mss, including several important ones (Ì74 א A C E Ψ 33 1739 Ï h p vg syh mae bo Cyr), have ὑμῶν (Jumwn, “your”) here, in conformity with the LXX of Amos 5:26. But other significant and diverse witnesses lack the pronoun: The lack of ὑμῶν in B D 36 453 gig syp sa Irlat Or is difficult to explain if it is not the original wording here. NA27 has the word in brackets, indicating some doubt as to its authenticity.

14 sn Rephan (῾Ραιφάν, RJaifan) was a pagan deity. The term was a name for Saturn. It was variously spelled in the mss (BDAG 903 s.v. has Rompha as an alternate spelling). The references cover a range of deities and a history of unfaithfulness.

15 tn Or “I will make you move.”

16 sn A quotation from Amos 5:25-27. This constituted a prediction of the exile.

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