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Acts 15:30


15:30 So when they were dismissed, 1  they went down to Antioch, 2  and after gathering the entire group 3  together, they delivered the letter.

Acts 15:39

15:39 They had 4  a sharp disagreement, 5  so that they parted company. Barnabas took along 6  Mark and sailed away to Cyprus, 7 

1 tn Or “sent away.”

2 sn Antioch was a city in Syria (not Antioch in Pisidia).

3 tn Or “congregation” (referring to the group of believers).

4 tn Grk “There happened a sharp disagreement.” The introductory phrase ἐγένετο (egeneto, “it happened that”), common in Luke (69 times) and Acts (54 times), is redundant in contemporary English and has not been translated.

5 tn BDAG 780 s.v. παροξυσμός 2 has “sharp disagreement” here; L&N 33.451 has “sharp argument, sharp difference of opinion.”

6 tn Grk “taking along Mark sailed.” The participle παραλαβόντα (paralabonta) has been translated as a finite verb due to requirements of contemporary English style.

7 sn Cyprus is a large island in the Mediterranean off the south coast of Asia Minor.

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