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The Song of Songs 4:2


4:2 Your teeth are like a flock of newly-shorn sheep

coming up from the washing place; 1 

each of them has a twin,

and not one of them is missing.

The Song of Songs 6:6


6:6 Your teeth are like a flock of sheep

coming up from the washing;

each has its twin;

not one of them is missing.

1 tn Alternately, “the watering-hole” or “watering-place.” The noun רַחְצָה (rakhtsah) may be nuanced “washing-place” (BDB 934 s.v. רַחְצָה) or “watering-hole, watering-place” (HALOT 1221 s.v. רַחְצָה). The related verb רָחַץ (rakhats) means “to wash, bathe, rinse off” (BDB 934 s.v. רָחַץ; HALOT 1220-21 s.v. רחץ). The metaphor describing the beautiful teeth of the bride probably pictures freshly washed sheep rather than freshly watered sheep. He praises his bride’s teeth by comparing them to freshly washed sheep. In the ancient Near East it was customary to wash sheep before shearing them. The picture of freshly washed sheep depicts the whiteness of the bride’s teeth.

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