Psalms 9:19-20

9:19 Rise up, Lord!

Don’t let men be defiant!

May the nations be judged in your presence!

9:20 Terrify them, Lord!

Let the nations know they are mere mortals! (Selah)

sn Rise up, Lord! …May the nations be judged. The psalm concludes with a petition that the Lord would continue to exercise his justice as he has done in the recent crisis.

tn Or “prevail.”

tn Heb “place, Lord, terror with regard to them.” The Hebrew term מוֹרָה (morah, “terror”) is an alternative form of מוֹרָא (mora’; a reading that appears in some mss and finds support in several ancient textual witnesses).

tn Heb “let the nations know they [are] man[kind]”; i.e., mere human beings (as opposed to God).