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Psalms 90:13


90:13 Turn back toward us, O Lord!

How long must this suffering last? 1 

Have pity on your servants! 2 

Psalms 106:45


106:45 He remembered his covenant with them,

and relented 3  because of his great loyal love.

1 tn Heb “Return, O Lord! How long?”

2 tn Elsewhere the Niphal of נָחַם (nakham) + the preposition עַל (’al) + a personal object has the nuance “be comforted concerning [the personal object’s death]” (see 2 Sam 13:39; Jer 31:15). However, here the context seems to demand “feel sorrow for,” “have pity on.” In Deut 32:36 and Ps 135:14, where “servants” is also the object of the preposition, this idea is expressed with the Hitpael form of the verb.

3 tn The Niphal of נָחַם (nakham) refers here to God relenting from a punishment already underway.

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