Psalms 7:10

7:10 The Exalted God is my shield,

the one who delivers the morally upright.

Psalms 11:2

11:2 For look, the wicked prepare their bows,

they put their arrows on the strings,

to shoot in the darkness at the morally upright.

Psalms 32:11

32:11 Rejoice in the Lord and be happy, you who are godly!

Shout for joy, all you who are morally upright!

Psalms 36:10

36:10 Extend your loyal love to your faithful followers,

and vindicate the morally upright!

Psalms 64:10

64:10 The godly will rejoice in the Lord

and take shelter in him.

All the morally upright will boast.

Psalms 97:11

97:11 The godly bask in the light;

the morally upright experience joy.