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Psalms 74:5-6


74:5 They invade like lumberjacks

swinging their axes in a thick forest. 1 

74:6 And now 2  they are tearing down 3  all its engravings 4 

with axes 5  and crowbars. 6 

1 tn Heb “it is known like one bringing upwards, in a thicket of wood, axes.” The Babylonian invaders destroyed the woodwork in the temple.

2 tn This is the reading of the Qere (marginal reading). The Kethib (consonantal text) has “and a time.”

3 tn The imperfect verbal form vividly describes the act as underway.

4 tn Heb “its engravings together.”

5 tn This Hebrew noun occurs only here in the OT (see H. R. Cohen, Biblical Hapax Legomena [SBLDS], 49-50).

6 tn This Hebrew noun occurs only here in the OT. An Akkadian cognate refers to a “pickaxe” (cf. NEB “hatchet and pick”; NIV “axes and hatchets”; NRSV “hatchets and hammers”).

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