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Psalms 72:9-14


72:9 Before him the coastlands 1  will bow down,

and his enemies will lick the dust. 2 

72:10 The kings of Tarshish 3  and the coastlands will offer gifts;

the kings of Sheba 4  and Seba 5  will bring tribute.

72:11 All kings will bow down to him;

all nations will serve him.

72:12 For he will rescue the needy 6  when they cry out for help,

and the oppressed 7  who have no defender.

72:13 He will take pity 8  on the poor and needy;

the lives of the needy he will save.

72:14 From harm and violence he will defend them; 9 

he will value their lives. 10 

1 tn Or “islands.” The term here refers metonymically to those people who dwell in these regions.

2 sn As they bow down before him, it will appear that his enemies are licking the dust.

3 sn Tarshish was a distant western port, the precise location of which is uncertain.

4 sn Sheba was located in Arabia.

5 sn Seba was located in Africa.

6 tn The singular is representative. The typical needy individual here represents the entire group.

7 tn The singular is representative. The typical oppressed individual here represents the entire group.

8 tn The prefixed verb form is best understood as a defectively written imperfect (see Deut 7:16).

9 tn Or “redeem their lives.” The verb “redeem” casts the Lord in the role of a leader who protects members of his extended family in times of need and crisis (see Pss 19:14; 69:18).

10 tn Heb “their blood will be precious in his eyes.”

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