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Psalms 69:13-16


69:13 O Lord, may you hear my prayer and be favorably disposed to me! 1 

O God, because of your great loyal love,

answer me with your faithful deliverance! 2 

69:14 Rescue me from the mud! Don’t let me sink!

Deliver me 3  from those who hate me,

from the deep water!

69:15 Don’t let the current overpower me!

Don’t let the deep swallow me up!

Don’t let the pit 4  devour me! 5 

69:16 Answer me, O Lord, for your loyal love is good! 6 

Because of your great compassion, turn toward me!

1 tn Heb “as for me, [may] my prayer be to you, O Lord, [in] a time of favor.”

2 tn Heb “O God, in the abundance of your loyal love, answer me in the faithfulness of your deliverance.”

3 tn Heb “let me be delivered.”

4 tn Heb “well,” which here symbolizes the place of the dead (cf. Ps 55:23).

5 tn Heb “do not let the well close its mouth upon me.”

6 tn Or “pleasant”; or “desirable.”

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