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Psalms 58:4


58:4 Their venom is like that of a snake, 1 

like a deaf serpent 2  that does not hear, 3 

Psalms 78:30


78:30 They were not yet filled up, 4 

their food was still in their mouths,

1 tn Heb “[there is] venom to them according to the likeness of venom of a snake.”

2 tn Or perhaps “cobra” (cf. NASB, NIV). Other suggested species of snakes are “asp” (NEB) and “adder” (NRSV).

3 tn Heb “[that] stops up its ear.” The apparent Hiphil jussive verbal form should be understood as a Qal imperfect with “i” theme vowel (see GKC 168 §63.n).

4 tn Heb “they were not separated from their desire.”

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