Psalms 4:3

4:3 Realize that the Lord shows the godly special favor;

the Lord responds when I cry out to him.

Psalms 12:1

Psalm 12

For the music director; according to the sheminith style; a psalm of David.

12:1 Deliver, Lord!

For the godly have disappeared;

people of integrity have vanished.

Psalms 16:10

16:10 You will not abandon me to Sheol;

you will not allow your faithful follower to see the Pit.

Psalms 31:23

31:23 Love the Lord, all you faithful followers of his!

The Lord protects those who have integrity,

but he pays back in full the one who acts arrogantly.

Psalms 37:28

37:28 For the Lord promotes justice,

and never abandons his faithful followers.

They are permanently secure,

but the children of evil men are wiped out.

Psalms 86:2

86:2 Protect me, for I am loyal!

O my God, deliver your servant, who trusts in you!

Psalms 97:10

97:10 You who love the Lord, hate evil!

He protects the lives of his faithful followers;

he delivers them from the power of the wicked.