Psalms 44:1-3

Psalm 44

For the music director; by the Korahites, a well-written song.

44:1 O God, we have clearly heard;

our ancestors have told us

what you did in their days,

in ancient times.

44:2 You, by your power, defeated nations and settled our fathers on their land;

you crushed the people living there and enabled our ancestors to occupy it.

44:3 For they did not conquer the land by their swords,

and they did not prevail by their strength,

but rather by your power, strength and good favor,

for you were partial to them.

Psalms 44:5

44:5 By your power we will drive back our enemies;

by your strength we will trample down our foes!

Psalms 44:7-8

44:7 For you deliver us from our enemies;

you humiliate those who hate us.

44:8 In God I boast all day long,

and we will continually give thanks to your name. (Selah)