Psalms 3:8

3:8 The Lord delivers;

you show favor to your people. (Selah)

Psalms 24:5

24:5 Such godly people are rewarded by the Lord,

and vindicated by the God who delivers them.

tn Heb “to the Lord [is] deliverance.”

tn Heb “upon your people [is] your blessing.” In this context God’s “blessing” includes deliverance/protection, vindication, and sustained life (see Pss 21:3, 6; 24:5).

tn Heb “he (the righteous individual described in v. 4) lifts up a blessing from the Lord.” The singular subject is representative here, as v. 6 makes clear. The referent (godly people like the individual in v. 4) has been specified in the translation for clarity. The imperfect verbal form is generalizing; such people are typically rewarded for their deeds.

tn “and vindication from the God of his deliverance.”