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Psalms 39:12


39:12 Hear my prayer, O Lord!

Listen to my cry for help!

Do not ignore my sobbing! 1 

For I am dependent on you, like one residing outside his native land;

I am at your mercy, just as all my ancestors were. 2 

Psalms 68:17


68:17 God has countless chariots;

they number in the thousands. 3 

The Lord comes from Sinai in holy splendor. 4 

1 tn Heb “do not be deaf to my tears.”

2 tn Heb “For a resident alien [am] I with you, a sojourner like all my fathers.”

sn Resident aliens were dependent on the mercy and goodwill of others. The Lord was concerned that resident aliens be treated properly. See Deut 24:17-22, Ps 146:9.

3 tn Heb “thousands of [?].” The meaning of the word שִׁנְאָן (shinan), which occurs only here in the OT, is uncertain. Perhaps the form should be emended to שַׁאֲנָן (shaanan, “at ease”) and be translated here “held in reserve.”

4 tc The MT reads, “the Lord [is] among them, Sinai, in holiness,” which is syntactically difficult. The present translation assumes an emendation to אֲדֹנָי בָּא מִסִּינַי (’adonay bamissinay; see BHS note b-b and Deut 33:2).

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