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Psalms 37:4


37:4 Then you will take delight in the Lord, 1 

and he will answer your prayers. 2 

Psalms 37:19


37:19 They will not be ashamed when hard times come; 3 

when famine comes they will have enough to eat. 4 

1 tn Following the imperatives of v. 3 the prefixed verbal forms with vav (ו) in v. 4 indicate result. Faith and obedience (v. 3) will bring divine blessing (v. 4).

2 tn Or “and he will give you what you desire most.” Heb “and he will grant to you the requests of your heart.”

3 tn Heb “in a time of trouble.”

4 tn Heb “in days of famine they will be satisfied.”

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