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Psalms 37:38


37:38 Sinful rebels are totally destroyed; 1 

evil men have no future. 2 

Psalms 109:13


109:13 May his descendants 3  be cut off! 4 

May the memory of them be wiped out by the time the next generation arrives! 5 

1 tn Or “destroyed together.” In this case the psalmist pictures judgment sweeping them away as a group.

2 tn Heb “the end of evil men is cut off.” As in v. 37, some interpret אַחֲרִית (’akharit, “end”) as referring to offspring (see Ps 109:13). The perfect verbal forms in v. 38 probably express general truths. Another option is that they are used emphatically to state with certitude that the demise of the wicked is as good as done.

3 tn Or “offspring.”

4 sn On the expression cut off see Ps 37:28.

5 tn Heb “in another generation may their name be wiped out.”

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