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Psalms 35:4-6


35:4 May those who seek my life be embarrassed and humiliated!

May those who plan to harm me be turned back and ashamed! 1 

35:5 May they be 2  like wind-driven chaff,

as the Lord’s angel 3  attacks them! 4 

35:6 May their path be 5  dark and slippery,

as the Lord’s angel chases them!

1 tn The four prefixed verbal forms in this verse are understood as jussives. The psalmist is calling judgment down on his enemies. See also the distinct jussive form in v. 6.

2 tn The prefixed verbal form is taken as a jussive. See v. 4.

3 sn See the mention of the Lord’s angel in Ps 34:7.

4 tn Heb “as the Lord’s angel pushes [them].”

5 tn The prefixed verbal form is distinctly jussive, indicating this is a prayer.

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