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Psalms 35:2


35:2 Grab your small shield and large shield, 1 

and rise up to help me!

Psalms 35:5


35:5 May they be 2  like wind-driven chaff,

as the Lord’s angel 3  attacks them! 4 

1 tn Two different types of shields are mentioned here. See also Ezek 38:4. Many modern translations render the first term (translated here “small shield”) as “buckler” (cf. NASB “buckler and shield”; the order is often reversed in the translation, apparently for stylistic reasons: cf. NEB, NIV, NRSV “shield and buckler”). The English term “buckler,” referring to a small round shield held on the arm to protect the upper body, is unfamiliar to many modern readers, so the term “small shield” was used in the present translation for clarity.

2 tn The prefixed verbal form is taken as a jussive. See v. 4.

3 sn See the mention of the Lord’s angel in Ps 34:7.

4 tn Heb “as the Lord’s angel pushes [them].”

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