Psalms 32:1-11

Psalm 32

By David; a well-written song.

32:1 How blessed is the one whose rebellious acts are forgiven,

whose sin is pardoned!

32:2 How blessed is the one whose wrongdoing the Lord does not punish,

in whose spirit there is no deceit.

32:3 When I refused to confess my sin,

my whole body wasted away,

while I groaned in pain all day long.

32:4 For day and night you tormented me;

you tried to destroy me in the intense heat of summer. (Selah)

32:5 Then I confessed my sin;

I no longer covered up my wrongdoing.

I said, “I will confess my rebellious acts to the Lord.”

And then you forgave my sins. (Selah)

32:6 For this reason every one of your faithful followers should pray to you

while there is a window of opportunity.

Certainly when the surging water rises,

it will not reach them.

32:7 You are my hiding place;

you protect me from distress.

You surround me with shouts of joy from those celebrating deliverance. (Selah)

32:8 I will instruct and teach you about how you should live.

I will advise you as I look you in the eye.

32:9 Do not be like an unintelligent horse or mule,

which will not obey you

unless they are controlled by a bridle and bit.

32:10 An evil person suffers much pain,

but the Lord’s faithfulness overwhelms the one who trusts in him.

32:11 Rejoice in the Lord and be happy, you who are godly!

Shout for joy, all you who are morally upright!

Psalms 42:1-11

Book 2
(Psalms 42-72)

Psalm 42

For the music director; a well-written song by the Korahites.

42:1 As a deer longs for streams of water,

so I long for you, O God!

42:2 I thirst for God,

for the living God.

I say, “When will I be able to go and appear in God’s presence?”

42:3 I cannot eat, I weep day and night;

all day long they say to me, “Where is your God?”

42:4 I will remember and weep!

For I was once walking along with the great throng to the temple of God,

shouting and giving thanks along with the crowd as we celebrated the holy festival.

42:5 Why are you depressed, O my soul?

Why are you upset?

Wait for God!

For I will again give thanks

to my God for his saving intervention.

42:6 I am depressed,

so I will pray to you while I am trapped here in the region of the upper Jordan,

from Hermon, from Mount Mizar.

42:7 One deep stream calls out to another at the sound of your waterfalls;

all your billows and waves overwhelm me.

42:8 By day the Lord decrees his loyal love,

and by night he gives me a song,

a prayer to the living God.

42:9 I will pray to God, my high ridge:

“Why do you ignore me?

Why must I walk around mourning

because my enemies oppress me?”

42:10 My enemies’ taunts cut into me to the bone,

as they say to me all day long, “Where is your God?”

42:11 Why are you depressed, O my soul?

Why are you upset?

Wait for God!

For I will again give thanks

to my God for his saving intervention.

Psalms 44:1--45:17

Psalm 44

For the music director; by the Korahites, a well-written song.

44:1 O God, we have clearly heard;

our ancestors have told us

what you did in their days,

in ancient times.

44:2 You, by your power, defeated nations and settled our fathers on their land;

you crushed the people living there and enabled our ancestors to occupy it.

44:3 For they did not conquer the land by their swords,

and they did not prevail by their strength,

but rather by your power, strength and good favor,

for you were partial to them.

44:4 You are my king, O God!

Decree Jacob’s deliverance!

44:5 By your power we will drive back our enemies;

by your strength we will trample down our foes!

44:6 For I do not trust in my bow,

and I do not prevail by my sword.

44:7 For you deliver us from our enemies;

you humiliate those who hate us.

44:8 In God I boast all day long,

and we will continually give thanks to your name. (Selah)

44:9 But you rejected and embarrassed us!

You did not go into battle with our armies.

44:10 You made us retreat from the enemy.

Those who hate us take whatever they want from us.

44:11 You handed us over like sheep to be eaten;

you scattered us among the nations.

44:12 You sold your people for a pittance;

you did not ask a high price for them.

44:13 You made us an object of disdain to our neighbors;

those who live on our borders taunt and insult us.

44:14 You made us an object of ridicule among the nations;

foreigners treat us with contempt.

44:15 All day long I feel humiliated

and am overwhelmed with shame,

44:16 before the vindictive enemy

who ridicules and insults me.

44:17 All this has happened to us, even though we have not rejected you

or violated your covenant with us.

44:18 We have not been unfaithful,

nor have we disobeyed your commands.

44:19 Yet you have battered us, leaving us a heap of ruins overrun by wild dogs;

you have covered us with darkness.

44:20 If we had rejected our God,

and spread out our hands in prayer to another god,

44:21 would not God discover it,

for he knows one’s thoughts?

44:22 Yet because of you we are killed all day long;

we are treated like sheep at the slaughtering block.

44:23 Rouse yourself! Why do you sleep, O Lord?

Wake up! Do not reject us forever!

44:24 Why do you look the other way,

and ignore the way we are oppressed and mistreated?

44:25 For we lie in the dirt,

with our bellies pressed to the ground.

44:26 Rise up and help us!

Rescue us because of your loyal love!

Psalm 45

For the music director; according to the tune of “Lilies;” by the Korahites, a well-written poem, a love song.

45:1 My heart is stirred by a beautiful song.

I say, “I have composed this special song for the king;

my tongue is as skilled as the stylus of an experienced scribe.”

45:2 You are the most handsome of all men!

You speak in an impressive and fitting manner!

For this reason God grants you continual blessings.

45:3 Strap your sword to your thigh, O warrior!

Appear in your majestic splendor!

45:4 Appear in your majesty and be victorious!

Ride forth for the sake of what is right,

on behalf of justice!

Then your right hand will accomplish mighty acts!

45:5 Your arrows are sharp

and penetrate the hearts of the king’s enemies.

Nations fall at your feet.

45:6 Your throne, O God, is permanent.

The scepter of your kingdom is a scepter of justice.

45:7 You love justice and hate evil.

For this reason God, your God has anointed you

with the oil of joy, elevating you above your companions.

45:8 All your garments are perfumed with myrrh, aloes, and cassia.

From the luxurious palaces comes the music of stringed instruments that makes you happy.

45:9 Princesses are among your honored guests,

your bride stands at your right hand, wearing jewelry made with gold from Ophir.

45:10 Listen, O princess!

Observe and pay attention!

Forget your homeland and your family!

45:11 Then the king will be attracted by your beauty.

After all, he is your master! Submit to him!

45:12 Rich people from Tyre

will seek your favor by bringing a gift.

45:13 The princess looks absolutely magnificent,

decked out in pearls and clothed in a brocade trimmed with gold.

45:14 In embroidered robes she is escorted to the king.

Her attendants, the maidens of honor who follow her,

are led before you.

45:15 They are bubbling with joy as they walk in procession

and enter the royal palace.

45:16 Your sons will carry on the dynasty of your ancestors;

you will make them princes throughout the land.

45:17 I will proclaim your greatness through the coming years,

then the nations will praise you forever.

Psalms 52:1--55:23

Psalm 52

For the music director; a well-written song by David. It was written when Doeg the Edomite went and informed Saul: “David has arrived at the home of Ahimelech.”

52:1 Why do you boast about your evil plans, O powerful man?

God’s loyal love protects me all day long!

52:2 Your tongue carries out your destructive plans;

it is as effective as a sharp razor, O deceiver.

52:3 You love evil more than good,

lies more than speaking the truth. (Selah)

52:4 You love to use all the words that destroy,

and the tongue that deceives.

52:5 Yet God will make you a permanent heap of ruins.

He will scoop you up and remove you from your home;

he will uproot you from the land of the living. (Selah)

52:6 When the godly see this, they will be filled with awe,

and will mock the evildoer, saying:

52:7 “Look, here is the man who would not make God his protector!

He trusted in his great wealth

and was confident about his plans to destroy others.”

52:8 But I am like a flourishing olive tree in the house of God;

I continually trust in God’s loyal love.

52:9 I will continually thank you when you execute judgment;

I will rely on you, for your loyal followers know you are good.

Psalm 53

For the music director; according to the machalath style; a well-written song by David.

53:1 Fools say to themselves, “There is no God.”

They sin and commit evil deeds;

none of them does what is right.

53:2 God looks down from heaven at the human race,

to see if there is anyone who is wise and seeks God.

53:3 Everyone rejects God;

they are all morally corrupt.

None of them does what is right,

not even one!

53:4 All those who behave wickedly do not understand –

those who devour my people as if they were eating bread,

and do not call out to God.

53:5 They are absolutely terrified,

even by things that do not normally cause fear.

For God annihilates those who attack you.

You are able to humiliate them because God has rejected them.

53:6 I wish the deliverance of Israel would come from Zion!

When God restores the well-being of his people,

may Jacob rejoice,

may Israel be happy!

Psalm 54

For the music director, to be accompanied by stringed instruments; a well-written song by David. It was written when the Ziphites came and informed Saul: “David is hiding with us.”

54:1 O God, deliver me by your name!

Vindicate me by your power!

54:2 O God, listen to my prayer!

Pay attention to what I say!

54:3 For foreigners attack me;

ruthless men, who do not respect God, seek my life. (Selah)

54:4 Look, God is my deliverer!

The Lord is among those who support me.

54:5 May those who wait to ambush me be repaid for their evil!

As a demonstration of your faithfulness, destroy them!

54:6 With a freewill offering I will sacrifice to you!

I will give thanks to your name, O Lord, for it is good!

54:7 Surely he rescues me from all trouble,

and I triumph over my enemies.

Psalm 55

For the music director, to be accompanied by stringed instruments; a well-written song by David.

55:1 Listen, O God, to my prayer!

Do not ignore my appeal for mercy!

55:2 Pay attention to me and answer me!

I am so upset and distressed, I am beside myself,

55:3 because of what the enemy says,

and because of how the wicked pressure me,

for they hurl trouble down upon me

and angrily attack me.

55:4 My heart beats violently within me;

the horrors of death overcome me.

55:5 Fear and panic overpower me;

terror overwhelms me.

55:6 I say, “I wish I had wings like a dove!

I would fly away and settle in a safe place!

55:7 Look, I will escape to a distant place;

I will stay in the wilderness. (Selah)

55:8 I will hurry off to a place that is safe

from the strong wind and the gale.”

55:9 Confuse them, O Lord!

Frustrate their plans!

For I see violence and conflict in the city.

55:10 Day and night they walk around on its walls,

while wickedness and destruction are within it.

55:11 Disaster is within it;

violence and deceit do not depart from its public square.

55:12 Indeed, it is not an enemy who insults me,

or else I could bear it;

it is not one who hates me who arrogantly taunts me,

or else I could hide from him.

55:13 But it is you, a man like me,

my close friend in whom I confided.

55:14 We would share personal thoughts with each other;

in God’s temple we would walk together among the crowd.

55:15 May death destroy them!

May they go down alive into Sheol!

For evil is in their dwelling place and in their midst.

55:16 As for me, I will call out to God,

and the Lord will deliver me.

55:17 During the evening, morning, and noontime

I will lament and moan,

and he will hear me.

55:18 He will rescue me and protect me from those who attack me,

even though they greatly outnumber me.

55:19 God, the one who has reigned as king from long ago,

will hear and humiliate them. (Selah)

They refuse to change,

and do not fear God.

55:20 He attacks his friends;

he breaks his solemn promises to them.

55:21 His words are as smooth as butter,

but he harbors animosity in his heart.

His words seem softer than oil,

but they are really like sharp swords.

55:22 Throw your burden upon the Lord,

and he will sustain you.

He will never allow the godly to be upended.

55:23 But you, O God, will bring them down to the deep Pit.

Violent and deceitful people will not live even half a normal lifespan.

But as for me, I trust in you.

Psalms 74:1-23

Psalm 74

A well-written song by Asaph.

74:1 Why, O God, have you permanently rejected us?

Why does your anger burn against the sheep of your pasture?

74:2 Remember your people whom you acquired in ancient times,

whom you rescued so they could be your very own nation,

as well as Mount Zion, where you dwell!

74:3 Hurry and look at the permanent ruins,

and all the damage the enemy has done to the temple!

74:4 Your enemies roar in the middle of your sanctuary;

they set up their battle flags.

74:5 They invade like lumberjacks

swinging their axes in a thick forest.

74:6 And now they are tearing down all its engravings

with axes and crowbars.

74:7 They set your sanctuary on fire;

they desecrate your dwelling place by knocking it to the ground.

74:8 They say to themselves,

“We will oppress all of them.”

They burn down all the places where people worship God in the land.

74:9 We do not see any signs of God’s presence;

there are no longer any prophets

and we have no one to tell us how long this will last.

74:10 How long, O God, will the adversary hurl insults?

Will the enemy blaspheme your name forever?

74:11 Why do you remain inactive?

Intervene and destroy him!

74:12 But God has been my king from ancient times,

performing acts of deliverance on the earth.

74:13 You destroyed the sea by your strength;

you shattered the heads of the sea monster in the water.

74:14 You crushed the heads of Leviathan;

you fed him to the people who live along the coast.

74:15 You broke open the spring and the stream;

you dried up perpetually flowing rivers.

74:16 You established the cycle of day and night;

you put the moon and sun in place.

74:17 You set up all the boundaries of the earth;

you created the cycle of summer and winter.

74:18 Remember how the enemy hurls insults, O Lord,

and how a foolish nation blasphemes your name!

74:19 Do not hand the life of your dove over to a wild animal!

Do not continue to disregard the lives of your oppressed people!

74:20 Remember your covenant promises,

for the dark regions of the earth are full of places where violence rules.

74:21 Do not let the afflicted be turned back in shame!

Let the oppressed and poor praise your name!

74:22 Rise up, O God! Defend your honor!

Remember how fools insult you all day long!

74:23 Do not disregard what your enemies say,

or the unceasing shouts of those who defy you.

Psalms 78:1-72

Psalm 78

A well-written song by Asaph.

78:1 Pay attention, my people, to my instruction!

Listen to the words I speak!

78:2 I will sing a song that imparts wisdom;

I will make insightful observations about the past.

78:3 What we have heard and learned –

that which our ancestors have told us –

78:4 we will not hide from their descendants.

We will tell the next generation

about the Lord’s praiseworthy acts,

about his strength and the amazing things he has done.

78:5 He established a rule in Jacob;

he set up a law in Israel.

He commanded our ancestors

to make his deeds known to their descendants,

78:6 so that the next generation, children yet to be born,

might know about them.

They will grow up and tell their descendants about them.

78:7 Then they will place their confidence in God.

They will not forget the works of God,

and they will obey his commands.

78:8 Then they will not be like their ancestors,

who were a stubborn and rebellious generation,

a generation that was not committed

and faithful to God.

78:9 The Ephraimites were armed with bows,

but they retreated in the day of battle.

78:10 They did not keep their covenant with God,

and they refused to obey his law.

78:11 They forgot what he had done,

the amazing things he had shown them.

78:12 He did amazing things in the sight of their ancestors,

in the land of Egypt, in the region of Zoan.

78:13 He divided the sea and led them across it;

he made the water stand in a heap.

78:14 He led them with a cloud by day,

and with the light of a fire all night long.

78:15 He broke open rocks in the wilderness,

and gave them enough water to fill the depths of the sea.

78:16 He caused streams to flow from the rock,

and made the water flow like rivers.

78:17 Yet they continued to sin against him,

and rebelled against the sovereign One in the desert.

78:18 They willfully challenged God

by asking for food to satisfy their appetite.

78:19 They insulted God, saying,

“Is God really able to give us food in the wilderness?

78:20 Yes, he struck a rock and water flowed out,

streams gushed forth.

But can he also give us food?

Will he provide meat for his people?”

78:21 When the Lord heard this, he was furious.

A fire broke out against Jacob,

and his anger flared up against Israel,

78:22 because they did not have faith in God,

and did not trust his ability to deliver them.

78:23 He gave a command to the clouds above,

and opened the doors in the sky.

78:24 He rained down manna for them to eat;

he gave them the grain of heaven.

78:25 Man ate the food of the mighty ones.

He sent them more than enough to eat.

78:26 He brought the east wind through the sky,

and by his strength led forth the south wind.

78:27 He rained down meat on them like dust,

birds as numerous as the sand on the seashores.

78:28 He caused them to fall right in the middle of their camp,

all around their homes.

78:29 They ate until they were stuffed;

he gave them what they desired.

78:30 They were not yet filled up,

their food was still in their mouths,

78:31 when the anger of God flared up against them.

He killed some of the strongest of them;

he brought the young men of Israel to their knees.

78:32 Despite all this, they continued to sin,

and did not trust him to do amazing things.

78:33 So he caused them to die unsatisfied

and filled with terror.

78:34 When he struck them down, they sought his favor;

they turned back and longed for God.

78:35 They remembered that God was their protector,

and that the sovereign God was their deliverer.

78:36 But they deceived him with their words,

and lied to him.

78:37 They were not really committed to him,

and they were unfaithful to his covenant.

78:38 Yet he is compassionate.

He forgives sin and does not destroy.

He often holds back his anger,

and does not stir up his fury.

78:39 He remembered that they were made of flesh,

and were like a wind that blows past and does not return.

78:40 How often they rebelled against him in the wilderness,

and insulted him in the desert!

78:41 They again challenged God,

and offended the Holy One of Israel.

78:42 They did not remember what he had done,

how he delivered them from the enemy,

78:43 when he performed his awesome deeds in Egypt,

and his acts of judgment in the region of Zoan.

78:44 He turned their rivers into blood,

and they could not drink from their streams.

78:45 He sent swarms of biting insects against them,

as well as frogs that overran their land.

78:46 He gave their crops to the grasshopper,

the fruit of their labor to the locust.

78:47 He destroyed their vines with hail,

and their sycamore-fig trees with driving rain.

78:48 He rained hail down on their cattle,

and hurled lightning bolts down on their livestock.

78:49 His raging anger lashed out against them,

He sent fury, rage, and trouble

as messengers who bring disaster.

78:50 He sent his anger in full force;

he did not spare them from death;

he handed their lives over to destruction.

78:51 He struck down all the firstborn in Egypt,

the firstfruits of their reproductive power in the tents of Ham.

78:52 Yet he brought out his people like sheep;

he led them through the wilderness like a flock.

78:53 He guided them safely along,

while the sea covered their enemies.

78:54 He brought them to the border of his holy land,

to this mountainous land which his right hand acquired.

78:55 He drove the nations out from before them;

he assigned them their tribal allotments

and allowed the tribes of Israel to settle down.

78:56 Yet they challenged and defied the sovereign God,

and did not obey his commands.

78:57 They were unfaithful and acted as treacherously as their ancestors;

they were as unreliable as a malfunctioning bow.

78:58 They made him angry with their pagan shrines,

and made him jealous with their idols.

78:59 God heard and was angry;

he completely rejected Israel.

78:60 He abandoned the sanctuary at Shiloh,

the tent where he lived among men.

78:61 He allowed the symbol of his strong presence to be captured;

he gave the symbol of his splendor into the hand of the enemy.

78:62 He delivered his people over to the sword,

and was angry with his chosen nation.

78:63 Fire consumed their young men,

and their virgins remained unmarried.

78:64 Their priests fell by the sword,

but their widows did not weep.

78:65 But then the Lord awoke from his sleep;

he was like a warrior in a drunken rage.

78:66 He drove his enemies back;

he made them a permanent target for insults.

78:67 He rejected the tent of Joseph;

he did not choose the tribe of Ephraim.

78:68 He chose the tribe of Judah,

and Mount Zion, which he loves.

78:69 He made his sanctuary as enduring as the heavens above;

as secure as the earth, which he established permanently.

78:70 He chose David, his servant,

and took him from the sheepfolds.

78:71 He took him away from following the mother sheep,

and made him the shepherd of Jacob, his people,

and of Israel, his chosen nation.

78:72 David cared for them with pure motives;

he led them with skill.

Psalms 88:1--89:52

Psalm 88

A song, a psalm written by the Korahites; for the music director; according to the machalath-leannoth style; a well-written song by Heman the Ezrachite.

88:1 O Lord God who delivers me!

By day I cry out

and at night I pray before you.

88:2 Listen to my prayer!

Pay attention to my cry for help!

88:3 For my life is filled with troubles

and I am ready to enter Sheol.

88:4 They treat me like those who descend into the grave.

I am like a helpless man,

88:5 adrift among the dead,

like corpses lying in the grave,

whom you remember no more,

and who are cut off from your power.

88:6 You place me in the lowest regions of the pit,

in the dark places, in the watery depths.

88:7 Your anger bears down on me,

and you overwhelm me with all your waves. (Selah)

88:8 You cause those who know me to keep their distance;

you make me an appalling sight to them.

I am trapped and cannot get free.

88:9 My eyes grow weak because of oppression.

I call out to you, O Lord, all day long;

I spread out my hands in prayer to you.

88:10 Do you accomplish amazing things for the dead?

Do the departed spirits rise up and give you thanks? (Selah)

88:11 Is your loyal love proclaimed in the grave,

or your faithfulness in the place of the dead?

88:12 Are your amazing deeds experienced in the dark region,

or your deliverance in the land of oblivion?

88:13 As for me, I cry out to you, O Lord;

in the morning my prayer confronts you.

88:14 O Lord, why do you reject me,

and pay no attention to me?

88:15 I am oppressed and have been on the verge of death since my youth.

I have been subjected to your horrors and am numb with pain.

88:16 Your anger overwhelms me;

your terrors destroy me.

88:17 They surround me like water all day long;

they join forces and encircle me.

88:18 You cause my friends and neighbors to keep their distance;

those who know me leave me alone in the darkness.

Psalm 89

A well-written song by Ethan the Ezrachite.

89:1 I will sing continually about the Lord’s faithful deeds;

to future generations I will proclaim your faithfulness.

89:2 For I say, “Loyal love is permanently established;

in the skies you set up your faithfulness.”

89:3 The Lord said,

“I have made a covenant with my chosen one;

I have made a promise on oath to David, my servant:

89:4 ‘I will give you an eternal dynasty

and establish your throne throughout future generations.’” (Selah)

89:5 O Lord, the heavens praise your amazing deeds,

as well as your faithfulness in the angelic assembly.

89:6 For who in the skies can compare to the Lord?

Who is like the Lord among the heavenly beings,

89:7 a God who is honored in the great angelic assembly,

and more awesome than all who surround him?

89:8 O Lord, sovereign God!

Who is strong like you, O Lord?

Your faithfulness surrounds you.

89:9 You rule over the proud sea.

When its waves surge, you calm them.

89:10 You crushed the Proud One and killed it;

with your strong arm you scattered your enemies.

89:11 The heavens belong to you, as does the earth.

You made the world and all it contains.

89:12 You created the north and the south.

Tabor and Hermon rejoice in your name.

89:13 Your arm is powerful,

your hand strong,

your right hand victorious.

89:14 Equity and justice are the foundation of your throne.

Loyal love and faithfulness characterize your rule.

89:15 How blessed are the people who worship you!

O Lord, they experience your favor.

89:16 They rejoice in your name all day long,

and are vindicated by your justice.

89:17 For you give them splendor and strength.

By your favor we are victorious.

89:18 For our shield belongs to the Lord,

our king to the Holy One of Israel.

89:19 Then you spoke through a vision to your faithful followers and said:

“I have energized a warrior;

I have raised up a young man from the people.

89:20 I have discovered David, my servant.

With my holy oil I have anointed him as king.

89:21 My hand will support him,

and my arm will strengthen him.

89:22 No enemy will be able to exact tribute from him;

a violent oppressor will not be able to humiliate him.

89:23 I will crush his enemies before him;

I will strike down those who hate him.

89:24 He will experience my faithfulness and loyal love,

and by my name he will win victories.

89:25 I will place his hand over the sea,

his right hand over the rivers.

89:26 He will call out to me,

‘You are my father, my God, and the protector who delivers me.’

89:27 I will appoint him to be my firstborn son,

the most exalted of the earth’s kings.

89:28 I will always extend my loyal love to him,

and my covenant with him is secure.

89:29 I will give him an eternal dynasty,

and make his throne as enduring as the skies above.

89:30 If his sons reject my law

and disobey my regulations,

89:31 if they break my rules

and do not keep my commandments,

89:32 I will punish their rebellion by beating them with a club,

their sin by inflicting them with bruises.

89:33 But I will not remove my loyal love from him,

nor be unfaithful to my promise.

89:34 I will not break my covenant

or go back on what I promised.

89:35 Once and for all I have vowed by my own holiness,

I will never deceive David.

89:36 His dynasty will last forever.

His throne will endure before me, like the sun,

89:37 it will remain stable, like the moon,

his throne will endure like the skies.” (Selah)

89:38 But you have spurned and rejected him;

you are angry with your chosen king.

89:39 You have repudiated your covenant with your servant;

you have thrown his crown to the ground.

89:40 You have broken down all his walls;

you have made his strongholds a heap of ruins.

89:41 All who pass by have robbed him;

he has become an object of disdain to his neighbors.

89:42 You have allowed his adversaries to be victorious,

and all his enemies to rejoice.

89:43 You turn back his sword from the adversary,

and have not sustained him in battle.

89:44 You have brought to an end his splendor,

and have knocked his throne to the ground.

89:45 You have cut short his youth,

and have covered him with shame. (Selah)

89:46 How long, O Lord, will this last?

Will you remain hidden forever?

Will your anger continue to burn like fire?

89:47 Take note of my brief lifespan!

Why do you make all people so mortal?

89:48 No man can live on without experiencing death,

or deliver his life from the power of Sheol. (Selah)

89:49 Where are your earlier faithful deeds, O Lord,

the ones performed in accordance with your reliable oath to David?

89:50 Take note, O Lord, of the way your servants are taunted,

and of how I must bear so many insults from people!

89:51 Your enemies, O Lord, hurl insults;

they insult your chosen king as they dog his footsteps.

89:52 The Lord deserves praise forevermore!

We agree! We agree!

Psalms 142:1-7

Psalm 142

A well-written song by David, when he was in the cave; a prayer.

142:1 To the Lord I cry out;

to the Lord I plead for mercy.

142:2 I pour out my lament before him;

I tell him about my troubles.

142:3 Even when my strength leaves me,

you watch my footsteps.

In the path where I walk

they have hidden a trap for me.

142:4 Look to the right and see!

No one cares about me.

I have nowhere to run;

no one is concerned about my life.

142:5 I cry out to you, O Lord;

I say, “You are my shelter,

my security in the land of the living.”

142:6 Listen to my cry for help,

for I am in serious trouble!

Rescue me from those who chase me,

for they are stronger than I am.

142:7 Free me from prison,

that I may give thanks to your name.

Because of me the godly will assemble,

for you will vindicate me.