Psalms 31:9-10

31:9 Have mercy on me, for I am in distress!

My eyes grow dim from suffering.

I have lost my strength.

31:10 For my life nears its end in pain;

my years draw to a close as I groan.

My strength fails me because of my sin,

and my bones become brittle.

tn Or perhaps, “are swollen.”

tn Cf. Ps 6:7, which has a similar line.

tn Heb “my breath and my stomach [grow weak].” Apparently the verb in the previous line (“grow dim, be weakened”) is to be understood here. The Hebrew term נפשׁ can mean “life,” or, more specifically, “throat, breath.” The psalmist seems to be lamenting that his breathing is impaired because of the physical and emotional suffering he is forced to endure.

tn Heb “and my years in groaning.”

tn Heb “stumbles in.”

tn Heb “grow weak.”