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Psalms 25:9


25:9 May he show 1  the humble what is right! 2 

May he teach 3  the humble his way!

Psalms 37:11


37:11 But the oppressed will possess the land

and enjoy great prosperity. 4 

1 tn The prefixed verbal form is jussive; the psalmist expresses his prayer.

2 tn Heb “may he guide the humble into justice.” The Hebrew term עֲנָוִים (’anavim, “humble”) usually refers to the oppressed, but in this context, where the psalmist confesses his sin and asks for moral guidance, it apparently refers to sinners who humble themselves before God and seek deliverance from their sinful condition.

3 tn The prefixed verbal form is interpreted as a jussive (it stands parallel to the jussive form, “may he guide”).

4 tn Heb “and they will take delight in (see v. 4) abundance of peace.”

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