Psalms 1:1

Book 1
(Psalms 1-41)

Psalm 1

1:1 How blessed is the one who does not follow the advice of the wicked,

or stand in the pathway with sinners,

or sit in the assembly of scoffers!

Psalms 1:3

1:3 He is like a tree planted by flowing streams;

it yields its fruit at the proper time,

and its leaves never fall off.

He succeeds in everything he attempts.

Psalms 2:12

2:12 Give sincere homage!

Otherwise he will be angry,

and you will die because of your behavior,

when his anger quickly ignites.

How blessed are all who take shelter in him!

Psalms 34:9

34:9 Remain loyal to the Lord, you chosen people of his,

for his loyal followers lack nothing!

Psalms 41:1

Psalm 41

For the music director; a psalm of David.

41:1 How blessed is the one who treats the poor properly!

When trouble comes, the Lord delivers him.

Psalms 65:4

65:4 How blessed is the one whom you choose,

and allow to live in your palace courts.

May we be satisfied with the good things of your house –

your holy palace.

Psalms 84:12

84:12 O Lord who rules over all,

how blessed are those who trust in you!

Psalms 89:15

89:15 How blessed are the people who worship you!

O Lord, they experience your favor.

Psalms 106:3

106:3 How blessed are those who promote justice,

and do what is right all the time!

Psalms 112:1

Psalm 112

112:1 Praise the Lord!

How blessed is the one who obeys the Lord,

who takes great delight in keeping his commands.

Psalms 127:5--128:1

127:5 How blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!

They will not be put to shame when they confront enemies at the city gate.

Psalm 128

A song of ascents.

128:1 How blessed is every one of the Lord’s loyal followers,

each one who keeps his commands!

Psalms 144:15

144:15 How blessed are the people who experience these things!

How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!