Psalms 144:1

Psalm 144

By David.

144:1 The Lord, my protector, deserves praise

the one who trains my hands for battle,

and my fingers for war,

Psalms 144:10

144:10 the one who delivers kings,

and rescued David his servant from a deadly sword.

sn Psalm 144. The psalmist expresses his confidence in God, asks for a mighty display of divine intervention in an upcoming battle, and anticipates God’s rich blessings on the nation in the aftermath of military victory.

tn Heb “my rocky summit.” The Lord is compared to a rocky summit where one can find protection from enemies. See Ps 18:2.

tn Heb “blessed [be] the Lord, my rocky summit.”

sn The one who trains my hands for battle. The psalmist attributes his skill with weapons to divine enablement (see Ps 18:34). Egyptian reliefs picture gods teaching the king how to shoot a bow. See O. Keel, The Symbolism of the Biblical World, 265.

tn Heb “grants deliverance to.”

tn Heb “harmful.”