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Psalms 119:38


119:38 Confirm to your servant your promise, 1 

which you made to the one who honors you. 2 

Psalms 119:86


119:86 All your commands are reliable.

I am pursued without reason. 3  Help me!

Psalms 119:127


119:127 For this reason 4  I love your commands

more than gold, even purest gold.

Psalms 119:137


צ (Tsade)

119:137 You are just, O Lord,

and your judgments are fair.

1 tn Heb “word.”

2 tn Heb “which [is] for your fear,” that is, the promise made to those who exhibit fear of God.

3 sn God’s commands are a reliable guide to right and wrong. By keeping them the psalmist is doing what is right, yet he is still persecuted.

4 tn “For this reason” connects logically with the statement made in v. 126. Because the judgment the psalmist fears (see vv. 119-120) is imminent, he remains loyal to God’s law.

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