Psalms 119:37

119:37 Turn my eyes away from what is worthless!

Revive me with your word!

Psalms 119:113

ס (Samek)

119:113 I hate people with divided loyalties,

but I love your law.

tn Heb “Make my eyes pass by from looking at what is worthless.”

tn Heb “by your word.”

tn Heb “divided ones.” The word occurs only here; it appears to be derived from a verbal root, attested in Arabic, meaning “to split” (see HALOT 762 s.v. *סֵעֵף). Since the psalmist is emphasizing his unswerving allegiance to God and his law, the term probably refers to those who lack such loyalty. The translation is similar to that suggested by L. C. Allen, Psalms 101-150 (WBC), 131.