Psalms 101:6-8

101:6 I will favor the honest people of the land,

and allow them to live with me.

Those who walk in the way of integrity will attend me.

101:7 Deceitful people will not live in my palace.

Liars will not be welcome in my presence.

101:8 Each morning I will destroy all the wicked people in the land,

and remove all evildoers from the city of the Lord.

tn Heb “my eyes [are] on the faithful of the land.”

tn The Hebrew text simply reads, “in order to live with me.”

tn Heb “one who walks in the way of integrity, he will minister to me.”

tn Heb “he will not live in the midst of my house, one who does deceit.”

tn Heb “one who speaks lies will not be established before my eyes.”