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Matthew 16:13-20

  • [Mat 16:16] Spirit Of Faith, Come Down
  • [Mat 16:16] Thou Art The Christ, O Lord
  • [Mat 16:16] Wonderful Savior
  • [Mat 16:18] Builder Of Ages
  • [Mat 16:18] God’s Holy Church Shall Triumph
  • [Mat 16:18] Hark, The Tramp Of Coming Legions
  • [Mat 16:18] Highest And The Holiest Place, The
  • [Mat 16:18] Mighty God, Come Build Your Mighty Church
  • [Mat 16:18] O Where Are Kings And Empires Now
  • [Mat 16:18] O Young And Fearless Prophet

Luke 9:18-21

  • [Luk 9:20] O Thou Eternal Christ Of God

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