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Luke 24:16

24:16 (but their eyes were kept 1  from recognizing 2  him). 3 

Luke 24:31

24:31 At this point 4  their eyes were opened and they recognized 5  him. 6  Then 7  he vanished out of their sight.

1 sn The two disciples will not be allowed to recognize Jesus until v. 31.

2 tn This is an epexegetical (i.e., explanatory) infinitive in Greek.

3 sn This parenthetical remark by the author is necessary so the reader will understand the account.

4 tn Here δέ (de) has been translated as “At this point” to indicate the implied sequence of events within the narrative. “Then,” which is normally used to indicate this, would be redundant with the following clause.

5 sn They recognized him. Other than this cryptic remark, it is not told how the two disciples were now able to recognize Jesus.

6 tn This pronoun is somewhat emphatic.

7 tn This translates a καί (kai, “and”) that has clear sequential force.

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