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Leviticus 7:37-38

Summary of Sacrificial Regulations in Leviticus 6:8-7:36

7:37 This is the law 1  for the burnt offering, the grain offering, 2  the sin offering, the guilt offering, the ordination offering, 3  and the peace offering sacrifice, 7:38 which the Lord commanded Moses on Mount Sinai on the day he commanded the Israelites to present their offerings to the Lord in the wilderness of Sinai.

Leviticus 13:59

Summary of Infection Regulations

13:59 This is the law 4  of the diseased infection in the garment of wool or linen, or the warp or woof, or any article of leather, for pronouncing it clean or unclean. 5 

Leviticus 14:54-57

Summary of Purification Regulations for Infections

14:54 “This is the law for all diseased infections, for scall, 6  14:55 for the diseased garment, 7  for the house, 8  14:56 for the swelling, 9  for the scab, 10  and for the bright spot, 11  14:57 to teach when something is unclean and when it is clean. 12  This is the law for dealing with infectious disease.” 13 

Leviticus 15:32-33

15:32 This is the law of the one with a discharge: the one who has a seminal emission 14  and becomes unclean by it, 15  15:33 the one who is sick in her menstruation, the one with a discharge, whether male or female, 16  and a man 17  who has sexual intercourse with an unclean woman.’”

1 sn The Hebrew term translated “law” (תוֹרָה [torah]) occurs up to this point in the book only in Lev 6:9 [6:2 HT], 14 [7 HT], 25 [18 HT], 7:1, 7, 11, and here in 7:37. This suggests that Lev 7:37-38 is a summary of only this section of the book (i.e., Lev 6:8 [6:1 HT]-7:36), not all of Lev 1-7.

2 tc In the MT only “the grain offering” lacks a connecting ו (vav). However, many Hebrew , Smr, LXX, Syriac, and some mss of Tg. Onq. have the ו (vav) on “the grain offering” as well.

3 sn The inclusion of the “ordination offering” (מִלּוּאִים, miluim; the term apparently comes from the notion of “filling [of the hand],” cf. Lev 8:33) here anticipates Lev 8. It is a kind of peace offering, as the regulations in Lev 8:22-32 will show (cf. Exod 29:19-34). In the context of the ordination ritual for the priests it fits into the sequence of offerings as a peace offering would: sin offering (Lev 8:14-17), burnt and grain offering (Lev 8:18-21), and finally peace (i.e., ordination) offering (Lev 8:22-32). Moreover, in this case, Moses received the breast of the ordination offering as his due since he was the presiding priest over the sacrificial procedures (Lev 8:29; cf. Lev 7:30-31), while Aaron and his sons ate the portions that would have been consumed by the common worshipers in a regular peace offering procedure (Exod 29:31-34; cf. Lev 7:15-18). For a general introduction to the peace offering see the note on Lev 3:1.

4 sn The Hebrew term translated “law” (תוֹרָה, torah) introduces here a summary or colophon for all of Lev 13. Similar summaries are found in Lev 7:37-38; 11:46-47; 14:54-57; and 15:32-33.

5 tn These are declarative Piel forms of the verbs טָהֵר (taher) and טָמֵא (tame’) respectively (cf. the notes on vv. 3 and 6 above).

6 tn Heb “and for the scall”; NASB “a scale”; NIV “any infectious skin disease.” Cf. Lev 13:29-37.

7 sn Cf. Lev 13:47-59.

8 sn Cf. Lev 14:33-53.

9 sn Cf. Lev 13:9-28, 43.

10 sn Cf. Lev 13:2.

11 sn Cf. Lev 13:4, 18-28, 38-39. For explanations of all these terms for disease in Lev 14:56 see 13:2.

12 tn Heb “to teach in the day of the unclean and in the day of the clean.”

13 tn Heb “This is the law of the disease.” Some English versions specify this as “skin disease” (e.g., NIV, NLT), but then have to add “and (+ infectious NLT) mildew” (so NIV) because a house would not be infected with a skin disease.

sn For an explanation of the term “disease” see Lev 13:2.

14 tn Heb “and who a lying of seed goes out from him.”

15 tn Heb “to become unclean in it.”

16 tn Heb “and the one with a discharge, his discharge to the male and the female.”

17 tn Heb “and for a man.”

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