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Leviticus 7:15-17

7:15 The meat of his 1  thanksgiving peace offering must be eaten on the day of his offering; he must not set any of it aside until morning.

7:16 “‘If his offering is a votive or freewill sacrifice, 2  it may be eaten on the day he presents his sacrifice, and also the leftovers from it may be eaten on the next day, 3  7:17 but the leftovers from the meat of the sacrifice must be burned up in the fire 4  on the third day.

1 tn In the verse “his” refers to the offerer.

2 tn For the distinction between votive and freewill offerings see the note on Lev 22:23 and the literature cited there.

3 tn Heb “and on the next day and the left over from it shall be eaten.”

4 tn Heb “burned with fire,” an expression which is sometimes redundant in English, but here means “burned up,” “burned up entirely” (likewise in v. 19).

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