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Leviticus 4:27-28

For the Common Person

4:27 “‘If an ordinary individual 1  sins by straying unintentionally 2  when he violates one of the Lord’s commandments which must not be violated, 3  and he pleads guilty 4:28 or his sin that he committed 4  is made known to him, 5  he must bring a flawless female goat 6  as his offering for the sin 7  that he committed.

1 tn Heb “an individual from the people of the land”; cf. NASB “anyone of the common people” (KJV, ASV both similar); NAB “a private person.”

2 tn Heb “If one person sins by straying, from the people of the land.” See Lev 4:2 for a note on “straying.”

3 tn Heb “by doing it, one from the commandments of the Lord which must not be done.”

4 tn Heb “or his sin which he sinned is made known to him”; cf. NCV “when that person learns about his sin.”

5 tn Lev 4:27b-28a is essentially the same as 4:22b-23a (see the notes there).

6 tn Heb “a she-goat of goats, a female without defect”; NAB “an unblemished she-goat.”

7 tn Heb “on his sin.”

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