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Leviticus 27:32-33

27:32 All the tithe of herd or flock, everything which passes under the rod, the tenth one will be holy to the Lord. 1  27:33 The owner 2  must not examine the animals to distinguish between good and bad, and he must not exchange it. If, however, he does exchange it, 3  both the original animal 4  and its substitute will be holy. 5  It must not be redeemed.’”

1 sn The tithed animal was the tenth one that passed under the shepherd’s rod or staff as they were being counted (see J. E. Hartley, Leviticus [WBC], 485, and B. A. Levine, Leviticus [JPSTC], 200).

2 tn Heb “he”; the referent (the owner of the animal) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

3 tn Heb “And if exchanging [infinitive absolute] he exchanges it [finite verb].” For the infinitive absolute used to highlight contrast rather than emphasis see GKC 343 §113.p.

4 tn Heb “it and its substitute.” The referent (the original animal offered) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

5 tn Heb “it shall be and its substitute shall be holy.”

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