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Leviticus 26:2-8

26:2 You must keep my Sabbaths and reverence 1  my sanctuary. I am the Lord.

The Benefits of Obedience

26:3 “‘If you walk in my statutes and are sure to obey my commandments, 2  26:4 I will give you your rains in their time so that 3  the land will give its yield and the trees of the field will produce their fruit. 4  26:5 Threshing season will extend for you until the season for harvesting grapes, 5  and the season for harvesting grapes will extend until sowing season, so 6  you will eat your bread until you are satisfied, 7  and you will live securely in your land. 26:6 I will grant peace in the land so that 8  you will lie down to sleep without anyone terrifying you. 9  I will remove harmful animals 10  from the land, and no sword of war 11  will pass through your land. 26:7 You will pursue your enemies and they will fall before you by the sword. 12  26:8 Five of you will pursue a hundred, and a hundred of you will pursue ten thousand, and your enemies will fall before you by the sword.

Leviticus 26:12-13

26:12 I will walk among you, and I will be your God and you will be my people. 26:13 I am the Lord your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt, from being their slaves, 13  and I broke the bars of your yoke and caused you to walk upright. 14 

Leviticus 26:17-18

26:17 I will set my face against you. You will be struck down before your enemies, those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee when there is no one pursuing you.

26:18 “‘If, in spite of all these things, 15  you do not obey me, I will discipline you seven times more on account of your sins. 16 

Leviticus 26:23-27


26:23 “‘If in spite of these things 17  you do not allow yourselves to be disciplined and you walk in hostility against me, 18  26:24 I myself will also walk in hostility against you and strike you 19  seven times on account of your sins. 26:25 I will bring on you an avenging sword, a covenant vengeance. 20  Although 21  you will gather together into your cities, I will send pestilence among you and you will be given into enemy hands. 22  26:26 When I break off your supply of bread, 23  ten women will bake your bread in one oven; they will ration your bread by weight, 24  and you will eat and not be satisfied.

26:27 “‘If in spite of this 25  you do not obey me but walk in hostility against me, 26 

1 tn Heb “and my sanctuary you shall fear.” Cf. NCV “respect”; CEV “honor.”

2 tn Heb “and my commandments you shall keep and do them.” This appears to be a kind of verbal hendiadys, where the first verb is a modifier of the action of the second verb (see GKC 386 §120.d, although שָׁמַר [shamar, “to keep”] is not cited there; cf. Lev 20:8; 25:18, etc.).

3 tn Heb “and.” The Hebrew conjunction ו (vav, “and”) can be considered to have resultative force here.

4 tn Heb “the tree of the field will give its fruit.” As a collective singular this has been translated as plural.

5 tn Heb “will reach for you the vintage season.”

6 tn Heb “and.” The Hebrew conjunction ו (vav, “and”) can be considered to have resultative force here.

7 tn Heb “to satisfaction”; KJV, ASV, NASB “to the full.”

8 tn Heb “and.” The Hebrew conjunction ו (vav, “and”) can be considered to have resultative force here.

9 tn Heb “and there will be no one who terrifies.” The words “to sleep” have been supplied in the translation for clarity.

10 tn Heb “harmful animal,” singular, but taken here as a collective plural (so almost all English versions).

11 tn Heb “no sword”; the words “of war” are supplied in the translation to indicate what the metaphor of the sword represents.

12 tn Heb “to the sword.”

13 tn Heb “from being to them slaves.”

14 tn In other words, to walk as free people and not as slaves. Cf. NIV “with (+ your CEV, NLT) heads held high”; NCV “proudly.”

15 tn Heb “And if until these.”

16 tn Heb “I will add to discipline you seven [times] on your sins.”

17 tn Heb “And if in these.”

18 tn Heb “with me,” but see the added preposition בְּ (bet) on the phrase “in hostility” in vv. 24 and 27.

19 tn Heb “and I myself will also strike you.”

20 tn Heb “vengeance of covenant”; cf. NAB “the avenger of my covenant.”

21 tn Heb “and.” The Hebrew conjunction ו (vav, “and”) has a concessive force in this context.

22 tn Heb “in hand of enemy,” but Tg. Ps.-J. and Tg. Neof. have “in the hands of your enemies” (J. E. Hartley, Leviticus [WBC], 454).

23 tn Heb “When I break to you staff of bread” (KJV, ASV, and NASB all similar).

24 tn Heb “they will return your bread in weight.”

25 tn Heb “And if in this.”

26 tn Heb “with me.”

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