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Leviticus 14:54-57

Summary of Purification Regulations for Infections

14:54 “This is the law for all diseased infections, for scall, 1  14:55 for the diseased garment, 2  for the house, 3  14:56 for the swelling, 4  for the scab, 5  and for the bright spot, 6  14:57 to teach when something is unclean and when it is clean. 7  This is the law for dealing with infectious disease.” 8 

1 tn Heb “and for the scall”; NASB “a scale”; NIV “any infectious skin disease.” Cf. Lev 13:29-37.

2 sn Cf. Lev 13:47-59.

3 sn Cf. Lev 14:33-53.

4 sn Cf. Lev 13:9-28, 43.

5 sn Cf. Lev 13:2.

6 sn Cf. Lev 13:4, 18-28, 38-39. For explanations of all these terms for disease in Lev 14:56 see 13:2.

7 tn Heb “to teach in the day of the unclean and in the day of the clean.”

8 tn Heb “This is the law of the disease.” Some English versions specify this as “skin disease” (e.g., NIV, NLT), but then have to add “and (+ infectious NLT) mildew” (so NIV) because a house would not be infected with a skin disease.

sn For an explanation of the term “disease” see Lev 13:2.

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